Retrospection on the retrospective

    I was recently asked, "What are the top ten retrospectives?"

    10 Jan 2022
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    The Hackathon: Capture The Flag

    At Eagle Eye we take Web Application Security seriously.
    We try to embed an awareness of security into our day-to-day activities. Every
    22 Jul 2021
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    A step into the practical world of Lean

    “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”Martin Luther King

    The third in a three-part series; I’ve given the context

    29 Apr 2021
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    An introduction to lean thinking

    An infrastructure for co-ordination could be described by four flows: a flow of work, a flow of knowledge, a flow of information and a flow of

    08 Apr 2021
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    An introduction to waste and a step into Lean

    source:  https://www.deviantart.com/mindgem/art/Graffiti-piece-Waste-91909811

    Elimination of these seven kinds of waste can help companies reduce

    05 Mar 2021
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    Best Practices for Healthy Test Automation

    It’s a new year and today health and wellness have become the new luxury and people all over the world are moving towards being healthier and fitter.

    04 Jan 2021
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    Open Sourcing at Eagle Eye

    I am excited to announce that the Engineering and Technical teams at Eagle Eye will be publishing some of our non-proprietary software components and

    15 Dec 2020
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    The Importance of Securing your Network (Honeypot Analysis)

    The internet, as we all know, never sleeps, never takes any time off, and is active at all times of the day.
    27 Nov 2020
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    An interview with our CEO, Tim Mason, on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

    To lay the foundations of a successful inquiry into Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and how it can inform the way we deliver and maintain our

    18 Nov 2020
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    7 Practical Tips to become a Faster Scrum Team

    We interviewed engineers and managers at Eagle Eye to gather tips on becoming a faster Scrum team - here are the top 7!

    10 Nov 2020
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