Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?: an Agile journey

    Ben: “Will it make the boat faster? Then do it!” p.295, Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?
    29 Sep 2020
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    Triggering the Flow State for Software Engineers

    Over the last 5 years at Eagle Eye I’ve seen our teams grow from being a rather unstructured hodgepodge of talented individuals, innovating under

    12 Aug 2020
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    Naming Things Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

    Anyone who has spent any time programming knows the truth in how difficult it is to name things. There’s a classic quote from Phil Karlton that most

    10 Aug 2020
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    What makes a good code review?

    Start With The Right Attitude

    Code reviews are a collaboration between two or more people. It's not an opportunity for you to show how superior you

    05 Nov 2019
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    Visualising your data

    And why it matters...

    One of the most important questions you will ask yourself about any Machine Learning project is this:

    Does my model fit?


    04 Nov 2019
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    Introducing Purple Labs

    An incubator for our collective ingenuity...

    Author: John Durrant, Head of Software Engineering

    04 Nov 2019
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